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c o a c h i n g

My Approach

I’m a positive, intuitive, and action-oriented coach. I work primarily with individuals who are moved to address social and/or environmental injustices through their life’s work, but also support clients simply starting to explore what a more meaningful and balanced life might look like.

​Coaching is not therapy, it’s not consulting, and it’s certainly not advice-giving. My coaching provides a supportive, intentional space and frameworks for those interested in the journey of diving deeper into who they are and what truly matters to them, and to take meaningful steps toward living that life. As your coach, I hold space for challenging questions and deep reflection, and am a partner to support you in taking action. 


My coaching is based on the Co-Active Coaching model, and is:



Though we may focus primarily on one area of your life, such as career or work-life balance goals, we’ll generally take a “whole life” approach and discover how to build a life that supports your goals as a whole person.

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We will use logic and reasoning to understand problems and develop solutions, but much of my job is to help you connect to your inner wisdom and physical body to make choices authentic to who you are and what you value.

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Positive & Proactive

Though we won’t shy away from tough situations and emotions, sessions focus more on building the life you want rather than dwelling on the problems that have you stuck.

Coaching Packages Include

  • One 90-minute discovery session to design the scope of our work together and clarify your personal goals.

  • Two to four 60-minute sessions each month for 4-6 months (usually by phone).

  • Support in-between sessions—because life happens in between!—via email, voice messaging, and 15-minute chats.

  • Access to a resource library with dozens of self-assessments, worksheets, and more to support your learning and growth.

  • Optional resume review and interview prep sessions for job seekers.


Coaching is an investment in who you want to become and the life you want to live. My goal is for my rates to reflect the energy and presence I bring to our sessions, and to reflect your commitment to the process of introspection and change. Furthermore, I am committed to ensuring coaching is available to an inclusive range of individuals in our greater community, while also financially sustainable for me.  

For individuals, my standard rate is $180 per session, though I charge on a sliding scale of $90-$250 per session. By selecting a rate that is authentic to their situation, my clients help ensure coaching is accessible to our greater community of impact-minded individuals. Additionally, I reserve a few ongoing slots for clients who are deeply invested in working with a coach and a good match, but for whom the sliding scale rate isn't feasible. 


Before taking any payment, I offer a complimentary sample session to design the scope of our work together, clarify your personal goals, and ensure we are a good fit to work together. I am passionate about the transformative power of coaching and can't wait to hear what you want to create!

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What Clients Say

“Meredith Bell is not just a phenomenal career coach, she is an exceptionally warm human being who always astounds me with her insight. When I started working with her, I had no idea what the process would look like. What has transpired since has been nothing short of transformative, and within a couple months I have given voice to a deeper native inner wisdom that has led to getting my dream job. If you are seeking a capable and trust-worthy guide, look no further.” 
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