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Hi, I'm Meredith. 

Do you feel a deep calling to make an impact on the world... but keep struggling to find the job, role, or path where your contributions can shine? 

Are you tired of playing small or navigating the never-ending voices of “shoulds,” and ready to radiantly and confidently pursue work that matters to you and the world?

Perhaps you’re neck-deep in meaningful work already, but feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, like there’s never enough time or money… and yearning to dance in a life and career that feels abundant and authentic? 


I’m a positive, intuitive, and action-oriented partner to individuals who want to live more impactful and personally meaningful lives. 


Based in Oakland, CA, I use co-active coaching to help people connect deeply with themselves, to gracefully and confidently thrive in the dance of contributing their talents to work that matters, and to nurture personally fulfilling lives for themselves.


What are you yearning to create?

Let's dream big...

Career transitions and MEANING

  • Getting unstuck in the search for meaningful work

  • Taking the leap to start a new impact venture

  • Tackling 3am questions ("WTF am I doing with my life?")

leadership &


  • Playing a bigger game—for bigger impact—at work & in life

  • Leading with confidence and heart, no matter your title

  • Cultivating your inner wisdom to show up with clarity, grace and authenticity in service of issues that matter

  • Stoking the passion for impactful work without burning out

  • Crafting a career path for both success AND happiness

  • Showing up fully to work that matters without leaving empty

Work-Life Fulfillment

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What Clients Say

"Working with Meredith as a coach has been transformative! Our sessions have led me to a place where I feel more confident and grounded in ME. I now show up with a greater sense of self-trust and authenticity in my relationships, in decisions, and in my career journey."



CONNECTION to your core values, the life you want to live, and the impact you want to make

ENERGY that comes from crafting an authentic vision and taking steps to achieve it

STRENGTH to face the what-ifs, self-criticisms, and inevitable challenges and move past them with confidence

COURAGE as you voice your truths and work to achieve what really matters

PEACE in knowing you are enough

You may be considering a career change, wanting to develop as a leader, seeking shifts in the way you engage with others, or wanting to integrate more fun, creativity or exercise into your daily life.


Or, maybe you just feel stuck and have a sense your life's work can be more.


If you are interested in the journey of diving deeper into who you are and what truly matters to you, excited (or maybe terrified!) to play around with some change this year, and looking for a partner to support you in taking action, I’d love to work with you!

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