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Passionate about Meaningful Change

I’ve known I wanted to make a difference in the world since I was a kid… the only question was how. In the first stage of my career, I was obsessed with the idea of wide-scale societal change, and asked myself how I could most efficiently use my talents to shift the world toward greater social and environmental justice. This journey took me through the worlds of international development, social impact, and sustainability, and gave me insight into the potential impact and common pitfalls of nonprofits, social enterprises, responsible business, and more.


But something wasn’t working for me… Though I knew in my head that my work was making a difference, I couldn't ignore that, too often, the work felt forced, hollow, and exhausting despite my passion for change. Though I received praise from those around me and promotions from my bosses, I felt trapped—like I was hitting my head against a ceiling, knowing I had so much more to give, yet shaken and terrified that I’d be “found out” whenever I stepped into a higher leadership position. And though I worked myself sick, I couldn’t escape the feeling that no matter how hard I worked, it would never be enough.


Finally, facing burnout after a series of high-impact but exhausting jobs, a major breakup, and a cross-country-then-back-again move, I finally started listening to my inner wisdom, sorting through the voices of doubts and “shoulds,” and forging a path more aligned with my values. I realized that though I had many ways to give, where I really came alive was in mentoring and supporting individuals on my teams to thrive—to contribute their talents to the issues that matter, while living healthy, happy lives themselves. It is this passion that led me to coaching, where I work to help others forge a path toward contribution to the world that's authentic, meaningful and sustainable for them.  


Outside of coaching, I tutor and mentor an amazing little group of middle- and high-school students, and am writing a reflection journal for young women, focusing on the vulnerable, most human moments in the lives of female and genderqueer heroes from across history and cultures. Outside of work, I am an avid hiker and traveler, sporadic but enthusiastic yogi and cook, and stumbling but passionate beginner at speaking Hindi (my partner’s language) and playing the fiddle.

I am a white, able-bodied, cis-gendered woman from an upper middle class background. I am actively engaged in the journey of owning my privilege and deepening my allyship through both inner work and external activism.

Training & Affiliations

I received my CPCC certification through the Co-Active Training Institute, which is widely recognized as the premier coaching training program in the industry. I also hold my ACC from the International Coaching Federation and am proud to be an active member of the Climate Coaching Alliance.

My additional training includes: 

  • Coaching for Equity through the National Equity Project

  • Management for Nonprofits through The Management Center

  • Public Service Leadership through Stanford University

  • Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) through CRR Global

  • Ongoing coach training in somatic embodiment, mindfulness coaching, inner critic management and more through the Strozzi Institute, Coaches Rising, Positive Intelligence and others 

  • Led Human Resources & US Operations at an award-winning social enterprise supporting small farmers in West Africa.

  • Headed educational programming for a global nonprofit supporting MBAs and young professionals to integrate sustainability & social impact into their work.

  • Partnered with refugee leaders in Zambia to develop community-driven education and enrichment programs.

  • BA in Peace & Conflict Studies from Stanford University

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