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g r o u p   c o a c h i n g

It's not just you...

who cares about making a difference through your work,
but doesn't want to have to sacrifice the rest of your life to do so

who knows the energy that comes from tapping into deep creative passions and flows,
but can struggle to create rhythms and routines that sustain you

who wants to live an authentic life led by your inner voice,
but gets bogged do
wn by inner critics, too often dreaming without following through.


It’s not just you who’s ready to courageously, creatively navigate what it looks like to dream big and live with integrity to self, while also savoring the sweetness in life.

Group coaching offers
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Share the gift of your own experiences while supporting and being supported by likeminded friends.

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Personal Growth

Practice authentic vulnerability in a safe space.

Discover inspiration in others’ growth and transformation.

Unlock your own growth through personalized coaching.

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More affordable complement or alternative to 1:1 coaching.

Shorter time commitment than 1:1 coaching.

fall 2023 cohort

Starts September 5   |   Zoom
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Work, Self & Meaning

Get updates about future cohorts here

This cohort is for you if...

1) You want to get reflective and intentional about some of life's bigger questions at the intersection of Work, Self and Meaning. Questions around:

  • Career direction (short and long term) and how side projects or creative work fit in

  • What genuinely brings you fulfillment, what a values-driven life looks like 

  • Detangling the urge to achieve success -- what parts are authentic, what parts are old story?

  • Your personal sustain-ability (including financial!) and the balance that enables you to thrive

  • Your impact on others and the planet

  • How to listen for and act in alignment with your inner voice

  • Overcoming negative self talk and perfectionism 

Maybe all these topics feel relevant today, or maybe just 1 or 2 really speak to you right now. Both are great! For those with narrower goals, trust that holding that focus while exploring their broader context in sessions will support you on this path.

2) You want to learn and grow as a member of a supportive community. Group coaching is not a workshop or a class; it’s a facilitated community. By signing up, you agree to show up and co-create the space to learn from and offer learning for others. 

Walk away with
  • Clarity about your core values and how they translate to a fulfilled career direction, unique impact on the world, meaningful side projects, and more. 

  • Concrete tools for facing what-ifs, negative self talk, perfectionism, and inevitable challenges to move past them with confidence.

  • Tangible awareness of your inner voice and somatic wisdom, and practices for connecting and acting in sweet alignment with them.

  • Energy and momentum from crafting an authentic vision and taking steps to achieve it alongside an inspiring community.


Twice a month on Tuesdays

5:30 PT / 8:30 ET

75 minutes

Sept 5, 19

Oct 10, 24

Nov 7, 21

Dec 5

Schedule doesn't work for you? Let me know here and we'll see about a second cohort, pending interest.

Session Structure

Check ins & accountability

Brief activity or reflection exercise on weekly theme

Live coaching of 1-3 cohort members 


Acknowledgements, group discussion, sharing 


Design & commit to (optional) homework for the week

Possible Session Themes 
  • Integrating your creative voice inside/outside of work

  • Dismantling internalized capitalism

  • Trusting your inner voice

  • Defining an authentic definition of success 

  • Entrepreneurship and side projects

  • Financial wellness 

  • Rhythms and routines

  • Overcoming self doubt and  perfectionism 

  • Relationships, partnerships and family 

  • Integrating sustainability and social justice values into our daily lives

​* Themes will be finalized based on group preference

Program Cost

Group Coaching includes:

  • One 30-minute 1:1 session to help clarify your intentions for the cohort

  • Seven 75-minute group sessions

  • Access to online resource library

  • Text/email support between sessions (unlimited so long as it's not abused)

Sliding Scale Philosophy

My goal is for my rates to:

  • Reflect the energy and presence I bring to our sessions.

  • Reflect your own investment in yourself and in the positive change you wish to create.

  • Ensure coaching is accessible to an inclusive range of individuals in our greater community.

  • Ensure my coaching practice is financially sustainable for me.


To help make coaching accessible to an inclusive range of individuals, I use a sliding scale. Please choose the tier that feels like a true investment, not necessarily comfortable but not causing hardship. Don't overthink it and decide for yourself what feels genuine. By selecting a rate that is authentic to your situation, you help ensure coaching is accessible to our greater community of impact-minded individuals.

Group Coaching Sliding Scale rates


Tier 1 - $750 

Tier 2 - $550 

Tier 3 - $350 

$TBD - Scholarship price*


*1 scholarship seat available per cohort. If the sliding scale rates are truly not feasible for your situation and you are invested in participating, please contact me to discuss.

BONUS!! Add 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Personalize your experience and dig deeper into your own journey by adding a monthly one-hour 1:1 coaching session throughout the fall. 

For four 1:1 sessions, add

Tier 1 - +$750 

Tier 2 - +$550 

Tier 3 - +$350 

This offer is only available to group coaching participants; otherwise my usual minimum for 1:1 coaching is a 4-month package of 12 sessions.

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Ready to join?


Still Unsure?

Schedule a free 1:1 call with me.

No sales pitch, no pressure -- just a genuine conversation to get to know each other and discuss whether it's a good fit.

Q & A

Is group coaching or 1:1 coaching a better match for me?

Each is awesome in its own way! Group coaching provides the benefit of community and can be immensely valuable to witness shared human experience, to recognize you're not the only one struggling with certain questions, and to get insights, creative ideas and inspiration from diverse individual experiences. 1:1 coaching is much more targeted to your personal journey and is thus usually more intensive.


1:1 may be a better match for those with a tight timeline for major change (e.g. need to find a new job soon), who are ready to commit to major breakthroughs, or who can struggle to get introspective or get caught in the same story loops on their own. 

Group coaching is a less expensive and less time-intensive option, making it a great choice for those curious about what coaching is, and for those who want to stay engaged in their self development journey after completing a 1:1 coaching relationship. 

Group and 1:1 coaching complement each other beautifully and are a wonderful combination if participating in both at the same time works for you. 

How often will I personally receive coaching?

It depends. We'll have 1-3 participants volunteer to receive coaching per session and will make an effort to offer coaching to every member before repeating. There will also be opportunities for "micro-coaching" during the check-in and discussion periods of each session. While there's definitely value in being coached on your specific situation, remember that the value of group coaching is in witnessing others' experiences and growing individually through discussion and insights made as a community! 


There's a particular question/theme/project I care about. What if the weekly theme isn't relevant to my focus?

All themes will be broad enough to serve as the "lens" you look through to make progress on your unique question/topic. Trust that holding your focus while exploring its broader context in sessions will support you on this path. I often find that the most insightful revelations in coaching come when approaching the topic from an angle instead of head-on! 

I'm currently working with a coach / used to work with a coach / have never worked with a coach before. Am I a fit?

Yes! All are welcome. The community dimension of group coaching can be surprisingly rewarding for people who have worked 1:1 with coaches. Group coaching is also a great introduction to coaching for those who are considering the investing in 1:1 coaching.

I'm actively job seeking; is this a fit?

Yes! I'd recommend adding 1:1 sessions for targeted work and to accelerate your journey, but the themes in this cohort will absolutely be relevant.

I'm content in my current job but thinking about long-term questions; is this a fit?

Yes, absolutely!


How big are the cohorts?

4 people minimum, 8 maximum

I need to miss a session. Are there make-ups?

Due to the interactive nature of the cohort, there's no way to make up missed sessions. If you choose to add monthly 1:1 coaching to your package, we could dive into the missed theme during that session if you prefer.

Is there homework? Accountability?

Sessions will end with an opportunity to say "yes" to suggested homework and/or actions you feel called to complete on your own as a result of the coaching and discussion. It's recommended but always optional. We'll also have a quick accountability check-in as part of every session.

For clients who haven't worked with me or another Co-Active coach before, I may offer brief suggested readings, recordings, or worksheets to get you up to speed on certain concepts before the relevant session.

Are the sessions recorded?

To help facilitate a safe space for open and vulnerable conversation, sessions will not be recorded. 

Are there refunds?

Due to limited space, I can offer 50% refunds up to a week before the start, and 25% up to the start. No refunds will be offered after the start of the program, but if you're not getting what you'd hoped, please reach out and we'll meet to see if there's a better way to support you.

I'd love to participate but don't think this schedule will work for me. What other options are there?

1) Write to me (meredith (at) and let me know what schedule/timing *would* work for you. If there's enough interest, I might add a second cohort this fall.

2) Sign up to receive updates about future cohorts here

3) Consider 1:1 coaching instead. Reach out or sign up for a free sample session here

Still have questions?

Shoot me an email (meredith (at) or sign up for a quick chat! I'd love to connect.

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Ready to join?

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